Time To Brake Out The Filler……….

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Heavy Gear, terrain

Over the weekend I have been think about my Realm Of Battle boards and trying to figure out what colours to use. I had narrowed it down last week to two colours Red for Mars, or cream/yellow for desert. Well after much soul (internet) searching I am going to go for a cream/yellow board, As much as i would like to do a Mars board in terms of use the desert one can be used for Heavy Gear and force on force. while the Mars one would only really be used for heavy gear, I would need to have another set  for FoF.

So now I need to get started on the boards, To start with I am going to work on the two plain flat boards which both have details that need to be removed (skulls and paving slabs). Which are both out of scale for HG and FoF, with my last set I attacked them with the dremel and turned them into water features. This time how ever they will need to be filled in. Using my ever trusty ready mixed filler and a small filling knife, I have filled in the skull pits and cracks.

The next step will be adding sand to the boards…………


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