Boards And Gears…………

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Heavy Gear, terrain

So my first Heavy Gear models have turned up, and I have to say they are fantastic models.

The castings are nice and crisp with very little “flash” on them.

They “dry” fit together very well.

My only complaint is the plastic  base. It is too small for the “spread” of legs on some models, and it has a slot cut into it for the “tab” but the models have no tab.

Now every game needs a board to b e played on………….. So I have picked up another Realm Of Battle set. This one will be painted one of two colours “red” for Mars or “cream” for a desert. I decided to pick up another set of boards for the simple reason that they are easy to store. I may well sell off 2 of the boards as I plan on using a maximum of 4ft x 4ft size for a the table.  I also picked up 1 off each of the plastic hills from GW just to add to the terrain.

Now all I have to decide is Red or Cream?


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