Big Stompy Robots Of Death…………..

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Heavy Gear
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I have always had a soft spot form giant robots battling it out. It all started many years ago with the original Transformers cartoon, And then branched on to Adeptus Titanicus from Games Workshop.

At one stage I even tried BattleTech, But it was not my cup of tea, And in all my years of painting I have never came across plastic models that were so bad the primer would not stick to them.

Any way fast forward to 2005 i pick up some off Dream Pod 9’s Heavy gear models, I like what I see and pick up the rules and put them down. At the time they seemed to be overly complex and reminded me of BattleTech my Heavy Gear days are over before I start………

Until now…………… Beasts of War are running Heavy Gear week and it has fired me up again. Looking at the rules was a little confusing at first as their are two rule books. After some searching I found out that Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual is the current rule book, and the Locked and loaded book is the older book but contains all the background and army list’s. Why DP9 have chosen this route I do not know. At the moment both books are free on Wargames Vault which is a big bonus and BoW have a set of quick start rules up on their website for free as well.

Now all I need is an army of “Gears” looking at the range one model jumps out at me the P.R.D.F Cataphract it is one of the larger models in the range.

So last night I ordered up some models from Pyre Studios who carry the Heavy Gear range, I ordered………

P.R.D.F Cataphract.

P.R.D.F Fire Support Squad.

P.R.D.F General Purpose Squad.

P.R.D.F Strike Squad.

P.R.D.F Patrol Squad.

I have also uploaded the rules to my Kindle (as you can view PDF files on it) which saves me from looking at the computer screen for ages. Now all i have to do is choose a second force to do battle with………….


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