The Year Is 1949………..

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Incursion, Secrets of the third reich
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I have always had a soft spot for West Wind/ Grind House Games, Secrets Of The Third Reich/ Incursion games. I picked up the SOTR rule book shortly after it was released and a few models. When I heard about Incursion I was drawn to the game, As with many I saw it as Space Hulk set in WW2 (and at the time Space Hulk was not around). Fast forward and Incursion gets a boxed set release and SOTR gets a supplement called Doomsday.

Then fast forward too around 2 years ago and I start painting up the models for Incursion with the aim of playing a few games. But with one thing and another the models get boxed up and left…………

Until now, the US ape suits are in paint stripper and I need to decide what to do with the zombies. I have also started working on a 3d board, based on 4  400mm x 600mm pieces of mdf.

Photos to follow…………..

  1. BIG RICH says:

    Grindhouse just announced that they are making some changes. I’m excited to see what comes of it.

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