Ragnar Blackmane.

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Space Wolves

One of my all time favourite models has to be Ragnar Blackmane, now the model was first released way back in the mists of time (or the early 90’s) and is still going strong.

But it is starting to look a bit dated its got to be pushing 20 years old but it is and always will be one of my favourite models. How ever with the coming of my new Space Wolves army the old model does not fit in with the new style models. But from the beginning of this project I wanted to do a conversion of Ragnar to bring him up to date.

I had 3 choices.

1. The plastic Space Wolves pack set.

2. Gabriel Seth of the Flesh Tearers.

3. Kor’sarro Khan of the White Scars.

Out of the three number 1 and 2 were covered, 3 on the other hand was not. Luckily when I was on holiday in the Florida I came across a comic shop that sold GW  models, after searching the racks I came across Kor’sarro Khan. I purchased the model along with a few others and when I returned home I started to chop him up…………

That was a few weeks ago, now I have started the conversion back up. First up i cut the power sword from the model and filed down any chapter iconography from the model. The left shoulder pad was cut away to the rim to allow the plastic wolf helm from the boxed set.

next up is the head and chain sword…………….

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