Wolves Of Russ………..

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Space Wolves
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This month I had intended to work on the Space Wolves, at the moment that hangs in the balance of work and free time. With the Olympics being held at the end of the month I had intended to take 2 weeks off, Due to the fact that I have to travel past the Olympic stadium each day.

Which was my way of saying “space wolves here I come”  2 weeks worth of modelling and painting.

But all is not lost i have just spent the past 4 hours clipping models from their sprue’s. I did this to “tidy” up my games room as i have had the biggest box of sprue’s sitting their for weeks. Normally I clip them from the sprue as soon as I get them. But for some strange reason these guys have sat their waiting,  perhaps it was because I was hoping to start them or am I having 2nd thoughts about them?

In all I have clipped

40 Grey Hunters/Blood Claws.

5 Wolf Guard in terminator armour.

3 Thunder Wolves.

2 Drop Pods.

10 Scouts.

Add these to,

10 Grey Hunters.

10 Blood Claws.

10 Wolf Guard.

3 Thunder Wolves.

1 Hero on Thunder Wolf.

2 Dreadnoughts.

And a Razorback.

And I have a fairly big Space Wolf army, Add on to that my old OOP stuff, and well it gets even bigger………….


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