Farewell 5th, Hello 6th…………….

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Warhammer 40000

So the new edition of 40k has hit the shelves on Saturday, My copy turned up yesterday. And while I have not had much time to look at my copy apart from a quick flick through, I am impressed with it. The hefty tome weighs in at 432 pages long and weighs a ton. It also has a ribbon book mark which is a major plus for me as I don’t have to find one or worry about losing my page if I put the book in my bag.

As with all GW products their is  a hefty “fluff” section (that  does not cover the Tau being the last hope against chaos) and a hobby section. Also covered are Cities Of Death, Spear Head, Planet Strike and Apocalypse meaning that these supplements are not “obsolete” with the new edition.

As for the new rules I cannot comment on them, I have seen some comments on different forums that all point to this being a mix of  2nd and 5th edition. Now all I need is some spare time to read the book. And if the rumours are true Dark Angels and Chaos are in the next starter set………………


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