The Wolves Of Russ

Posted: May 5, 2012 in space marine, Warhammer 40000

Well we have had the wettest April for some time, and April has flown by. My new paint set has had some use but not a great deal.
I have picked up the new imperial armour modelling master class book which while being a great read uses many of the old GW paint range. Meaning that many of the guides are of no use to many people as they will not know the names in the new range.
I have also picked up the fortress of redemption and started picking up space wolves from eBay. In preparation for re-starting my old army up, I’ve picked up two sets from eBay which will give me a solid force that only needs some armoured support to back it up. Add to that what I already have 3 oop dreadnoughts Ragnar,Njal,Ulrick,and Logan I will be able to make a decent force. This will be my summer project which will be started sometime in June. Now let’s check eBay to see what else I can find.…………


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