Bugs And Paints……..

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Tyranids

Some weeks ago I won a auction for 3 biovores, Well they have taken 2 weeks to turn up. And I was a little bit shocked, the picture showed what looked like 3 fine-cast models but they are in fact metal just with a heavy coat of primer. So this morning I decided to strip them in trusty old paint stripper. The amount of paint on them was unbelievable, but now I have 3 shiny models already to be painted up.

Speaking of painting I gave the new citadel paint set a try this afternoon. I used a dark angels captain model that I have had knocking around for ages. I decided to give edge highlighting ago, and while my attempt was not perfect I was impressed with the results. I will use the technique again at some stage but it is not some thing I would use on the rank and file troops of an army.


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