Don’t Throw Them Bloody Spears At Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Imperial Guard, Orks

Well its a Bank Holiday here in the UK, and as with most bank holidays its been raining. Now Bank Holidays in the UK mean two things

One: Rain.


Two: James bond and Zulu on the TV (both of which are not on)

Now Zulu is a classic film and one which I have seen many times. Now way back in 1997 GW released a set of Imperial Guard called the praetorian guard (which are based on the British line infantry). Now I have to admit that I have had a soft spot for these guys for some time. But with the likes of the Catachan jungle fighters and Cadian shock troopers being in plastic, My Guard armies have always been made from them.

Now over the years many Wargames companies have made the advancement into high quality plastic models, Their are two companies that make British line infantry Warlord Games and Wargames Factory.

Now the WF models weigh in at £14 for 20 figures not to bad, But they do look a little bit spindly for my liking.

Now the WG models weigh in at £20 for 24 figures of which 4 are metal.

they also dcould this be o a starter deal which contains

60 British line infantry

20  Natal Native Contingent

2 mounted officers and a Gatling cannon in metal

All for £60.00

Now I have no plans to start up a historical army but with some green stuff and some spear lasguns i could turn these guys in to the praetorian guard.

could this be the start of a new guard army for me who knows.


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