Do I Need A New Paint Set?

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Warhammer 40000

Well do I?

Lets see, I got my first mega paint set way back in 2000. And like most people that got it, the paints dried up. Not a good start.

The next paint set i got was the Wargames Foundry paint set about 2004/05 great paint set if you painting historical models but not so good for the 41st millenium. But to be fair I was working on WW2 US and German models.

Next up is the current one that I have (it has tentacle pink  in it) and was bought in 2006/07. it has served me well and has been reinforced with the Foundation paints and washes that replaced the inks.

And now we have the all new, all singing, all dancing Citadel Paint Set. Twice the amounts of paints and twice the price (£333.00)  well about 3 times the price but you do get a carry case for free.

I am tempted to buy it after all i do like painting the models and the old one does need some pots replacing.

Some of you may be thinking why not just buy some other company’s paints ? it would be cheaper. Well it all boils down to one thing, I can get hold of Citadel paints easier than any others. I have a GW store 5 minutes from my front door and 2 independent toy shops within 10 minutes walk.

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