A Lazy Day.

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Imperial Guard, Tyranids

Well yesterday was a nice lazy day for me. I spent the morning finishing off my Carnifex, and then primed some more tyranids (8 Hormagaunts and 8 Termagants with fleshborers). I have also come across not one but two of the old Armorcast resin 40k  Tyranid vehicles the Exocrine  (the one with the gun on its back) and the  Malefactor (the one with the big claw type things). Now these guys were made under licence in the U.S.A by Armorcast in the late 90’s. And I picked up the  Malefactor in 2000 and the Exocrine a few years later with the intentions of using them in the 3rd edition. But as with all things they got put to one side and left, Even when i restarted my Tyranids in 2005 they still lay un-touched by paint or glue. But now in 2012 they may well see action on the field of battle. With the Exocrine counting as a Trannofex and the  Malefactor counting as a Tervigon.





I have been looking at the plastic  Trannofex/Tervigon and have been thinking about converting them in to some of the other Tyranid vehicles from the epic range, just updated to the newer style.

The rest of yesterday afternoon was spent watching an old WW2  film called Objective Burma, This film along with another one Merrill’s Marauders were what started me collecting my Catachan Jungle Fighters all those years ago. It was White Dwarf 180 December 1994 that had the first look at the new range of Imperial Guards men that were going to be released over the coming months.

I still have my Jungle Fighters, they have not seen the light of day for some years I may have to get them out at some stage just for old times sake…………..


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