More Tyranids……….

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Tyranids
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Well I’ve been working hard on the Tyranids and much to my surprise things are going to plan. I am sticking to my plan of working through what I already had  made, Before moving on to the stuff that is unmade. I have just worked my way through 10 termagants, and have just started working on a Carnifex. Next up will be some Hormagants or Genestealers (not sure which one to do yet). I currently have 3 Tyranid Warriors and a Hive Tyrant primed up yellow, But I need a brood to work on at the same time. I also have some more termagants and another Carnifex that are made up, and once these are done I can move onto the unmade stuff.

With any luck I maybe able to get in a game or two this weekend, With my rather small Tyranid horde…………..

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