Boards and Bugs Part 3

Posted: March 16, 2012 in terrain, Tyranids
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This morning I added what I hope was going to be my last coat of realistic water, Well I think that they are going to need one more coat. They are looking great and I am pleased with the over all effect but I think one more coat will do it. But that  will have to wait until Monday morning.

After doing my Tyranid tester model yesterday, I asked my partner what she thought of them and she turned round and told me that they look like wasps. That was what I wanted them to look like.

I went for.

Daemonic Yellow spray base coat.

Tentacle Pink for the fleshy bits.

Chaos Black for the bone plates.

And Dheneb Stone for claws and hooves.

All finished off with a coat Army Painter “soft” quickshade.

I have also primed up my Hive Tyrant, Carnifex and three more Tyranid warriors. I did start painting a Lictor who only needs the Chaos black done to him.  My plan for the other two Lictors is to paint them up like they have blended in with the scenery.

Now lets see about some games of Tyranid attack…………….


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