Tyranid Attack.

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Blood angels, Tyranids
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Way back in the early 90’s Games workshop released a board game called Tyranid Attack, at the time i never got into it but some years later it was reduced in price in my local model shop. I decided to take the plunge and bought it with my birthday money. Now 20 odd years later and I restart my Tyranid army I think back to that game………………….

And remember that I still have it along with Advanced Space Crusade. The original models are long gone, but I have scouts and terminators for my Blood Angels and Tyranid warriors and genestealers.

Hopefully I will be able to get a few games in over the weekend…………

  1. Hulkskulker says:

    Interesting, wonder how you’ll like it, I have the same experience – with a 20 year-old, untouched box. Was wondering if it ever gained a following like Space Hulk. Was searching for Blogs or some forum just for this game, but no luck.

    • Hi, it seems that Tyranid attack died a slow death just after its releases. But I put that down to the release of 2nd edition 40k which came out a few months after Tyranid attack. I to have searched high and low on the internet for any thing to do with the game, But it seems the only additional rules for the game were in White Dwarf magazine around its release. Most people seem to treat the game as a watered down version of Advanced Space Crusade. Overall I like it, it is a little bit one sided but then so is its big brother Space hulk (unlimited Tyranids vs a hand full of marines). But I hope to play some more games at some stage and add in some of the current Tyranid models in to the mix.

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