Disaster……… Well Sort Of

Posted: March 12, 2012 in terrain

Last week I took the plunge and started on my Realm Of Battle board, And everything was going swimmingly until I noticed that I had TWO different shades of grey primer DOH!. All of them came from the same shop and all of them were the same brand but their were  two different shades. Not to worry I went back to the shop with the intention of asking for a box, I entered the shop grabbed a can from the shelf  and tracked down some one who worked their……………

I ask my question and then I waited, sometime later the member of staff reappears. “I’m sorry sir we don’t have any more in stock”. Now i know their is another “pound” shop down the road, of I go and low and behold they have none in stock (by now I am beginning to think the chaos gods have cursed me). I put this down to sheer bad luck and return home to my boards, and re-bag them up and think of a new plan.

I have several options open to me.

1. Go to Halfords and pay £8.99 for one can 450ml can, I think not (I need 6 300ml cans).

2. Brake the compressor out of storage, this is possible  (This runs the risk of pissing off the neighbours).

3. Wait till the weekend and have a look when I go to get some realistic water, This is the better option.

So I wait………….. I go to HobbyCraft and pick up some realistic water, And then hit the pound shops. The first 3 had hammered grey, which I have never heard off before not wanting to take a chance I pass.

And then by sheer chance my partner notices another pound shop……….. Not holding my hopes up I go in, and to my surprise I find the grey primmer. I grab a can and find someone who works their and explain my problem. Their disappear out the back and return a few moments later…………… with a whole box, 12 cans still boxed up. I thank them and head to the tills and pay up. That was yesterday, This morning I have sprayed all 8 boards (including the ones I had already done). And they are all the same colour, Now I’m just waiting for them to dry. Before I start drybrushing them.


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