The Hive Approaches………….

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Tyranids

During my ever lasting quest to sort out my large collection of models, I came across my tyranids. I’ve always had a soft spot for them  but have never completed an army of them.

My 1st attempt was with the epic space marine game. In 6mm the whole feeling of the swarm was massive but impressive even down to the bio-titans.

My 2nd attempt was with the 2nd edition 40k codex, This swarm was very small and only consisted of 40 models.

My 3rd attempt was with the 4th edition of 40k, These are the models that I still have. I went for a basic black, bone and red colour scheme.

Now looking back at them, they need a new colour scheme. I have just ordered 2 cans of The Army Painter Daemonic Yellow spray, and am going to go with a black carapace, yellow skin and bone coloured claws scheme. Hopefully they will look like wasps/bees and this will add to the alien terror of them

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