The Cursed Founding………

Posted: March 8, 2012 in space marine, Warhammer 40000

I’ve just finished reading the Black Library book, Space Marine Battles: Legion Of The Damned. And I have to say I was disappointed with the whole book, But it has got me thinking……………..

Many years ago in White Dwarf their was a army list for the 2nd edition of 40k, to go along with this their was a range of models released and a number of conversion packs. The Legion Of The Damned were one of my last armies for the 2nd edition, I played a few games with them but then the 3rd edition rules came out and the Damned were boxed up and stored away.

Some years later a army list was once again published in White Dwarf, This time I passed them by and forgot about them………

Until now reading the book, it has sparked some intressed in them again, I have had a hunt round and have found my old models along with some of the conversions that were released at the time. Mixed in with them were another cursed chapter The 13th company from the Space Wolves. Now these guys are some of my favourite models. But both of these armies have no rules in the current 5th edition, to get round this if i were to use them in my games then I would use the Chaos codex and leave out some of the more Chaos units.


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