Hmmm I need a games table/board part 5

Posted: March 7, 2012 in terrain

Well I’ve got a few weeks spare now, and its time to start work on the Realm Of Battle board. last night I picked up some sand from the beach. I have always used sharp sand for basing my models, but I do not have anywhere to store a large bag so I have opted for beach sand which is similar to sharp sand.

I start by pouring some sand on to a baking tray and leaving it for a few days in a warm area such as a airing cupboard, another way is to place the tray in the oven (once any food has been removed). once dry I sieve the sand with a fine kitchen sieve to take away all larger stones and leave the finer pieces. As a side not I use sharp sand/beach sand for my bases as it gives a better look for urban bases, Normal building sand is more refined and finer then sharp sand.

So now I have most of the items I need.


PVA glue.

Grey primer spray cans

Codex grey and skull white paints

Washing up liquid.

I still need to pick up some Wet effect/realistic water but that can wait until the weekend.

Now it’s time to make some mess…………


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