The Sons Of Russ

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Warhammer 40000

I have always had a soft spot for the Space Wolves ever since they had their first army list way back in WD 157-158, they even had special rules for the 2nd edition epic game. But like so many other 40k Armies I have at one stage or another had a stab at them. In fact the 3 times I have started the Wolves.

My 1st attempt was with the 2nd edition boxed set the 20 Marines  become Grey Hunters.

My 2nd attempt was around 2000 when GW had the last of their sales and i picked up 20 Grey Hunters 20 Blood Claws 15 Wolf Guard and 3 Space Wolf dreadnoughts for about £60.00.

My 3rd attempt was with the 13th company around the time the eye of terror book was released.

And now for the first time in ages I looked through the Current issue of White Dwarf  and I like all of the new releases its good to see the the Wolves and the Tyranids getting some love with new kits. I am tempted to do the Wolves and would like to do a conversion of Ragnar Blackmane in plastic using the boxed set but i have loads of other projects on the go and I really do need to sort out some of the stuff that I have to get rid of, so maybe  Ragnar  will have to wait for a while………………………


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