Citadel Finecast or Citadel Failcast?

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Warhammer 40000

3rd post in one day. My 25th anniversary crimson fist marine turned up this morning, And being my first ever Finecast model (yes I have avoided them like the plague). I know their have been a lot of negative comments about the Finecast range but I have to say that I am impressed with it . I have taken the model from its packet and checked it over and their seems to be nothing wrong with the casting. I have seen a number of posts about miss-cast models but i seem to be one of the lucky ones the details are nice and crisp and their is very little in the way of flash.

The only question now is do I start a crimson fists army? I think not, But I do have Pedro Kantor and captain Cortez. so maybe a little diorama based on the 40k Rouge Trader art work?


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