All Things Iron….

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Chaos

Well the weekend has been and gone again. I have been working out a colour scheme for my Iron Warriors, What I need is something quick, simple, and dirty looking,  no easy task.

The internet for all its good provided me with some options but nothing that I would class as quick. After much head scratching and trying to work out different combinations of techniques I gave up (well sort off). I went right back to the basics of my first Iron Warriors army, and from what I can remember was that I used Chain-mail silver for the main colour. The next lot that I painted was with the now OOP bolt-gun metal spray.

What I don’t want to do is end up dry-brushing 40 odd models with silver, then out of the corner of my eye I noticed a spray can of plate mail metal  spray from the army painter. I picked a can up last year to paint the engines,thrusters, and landing gear for a storm raven for my Blood Angles, In fact the whole model was painted with their spray cans. Having a look on their website they show how to paint an Iron Warrior marine

Now this was what I was looking for a dark and gritty scheme that will be quick, the hardest part will be painting the gold.

Looking through my boxes of stuff I came across 2 Forge World vindicator conversion kits as well as a land raider that is part converted to chaos, half a defiler, An OOP metal dreadnought with thunder hammer,25  Chaos Space Marines (in need of some TLC), 5 OOP terminators and my half finished daemon prince. The terminators and dreadnought my well have been used in my 1st Iron Warriors army they seem to have traces of paint that matches up with my old colours.


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