Iron Warriors

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Chaos

While I was looking for the rest of my Emperors Children models I came across a dusty box. Inside to my surprise was some Iron Warriors that I started 5 or 6 years ago, at that time I was eager to start  a new army. And after browsing the various internet forums I found a conversion for  a Iron warriors daemon prince Based on a dreadnought, sentinel, and land raider bits. I followed the conversion and constructed my own version. But the person who started it dropped of the face of the earth (or got promoted to daemon-hood), so my conversion sat on my work bench for weeks gathering dust and in the end got boxed up with 20 Iron Warrior marines and loads of other bits for the army.

Now I’m up to my neck in Emperors Children, do I really want to start the Iron Warriors as well?

Well I do and I don’t. My first chaos army was Iron warriors and I had great fun with them, And when I started this new bunch they could have Basilisk and Vindicators as well as the usual Predators, Land raiders and Rhinos.

Now how ever they can’t take Basilisks but can still take the rest of the stuff. But as I only play games with friends then I can do what I like, after all it is my army.

And I do like the sound of an army of siege specialists battling their way through a ruined city, So I will keep this as a small side project which will run along side the Emperors Children. As the models stand at the moment the daemon prince needs a lot of work. When I last worked on it,  it needed its legs bulked out and it also needed  arms. I have looked on the internet but I cannot find anything about it it seems to have disappeared. But with a little bit of work I can get him finished


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