Blood For The Blood God.

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Chaos

While I have been waiting for paint to dry, I started working on a Lord of Khorne to lead a small detachment of Khorne berserker’s that will be added to my Emperors Children. I know that Khorne and Slaanesh are not the best of buddies but at times the do get on. My plan is to have the Emperors Children as the main force and all the rest as small war-bands lead by a lord. Now i remembered a conversion in a copy of the citadel journal, after looking through my collection of journals I came across the one I was looking for issue 20. And on the back cover was the model Scyrak The Slaughterer to my surprise, the conversion was by one Andy Foster of  Heresy Miniatures. Looking at the bits that are needed I have most of the bits that are needed, Now I know over the years i have picked up a large amount of bits but I seem to have picked up 3 kharn models and 2 standard bearers. I had to replace the left arm with a n OOP chaos warrior arm and the backpack is from a chaos lord model, I also need to add some bits from the berserker boxed set and some green stuff around the neck, left arm and chain axe. If I find another axe head then I may replace the left one


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