Chapel Of Sanctuary

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Cities Of Death, terrain

Some years ago I picked up the chapel of sanctuary model from E-Bay. The model has spent most of its time in its box, I think it has been used twice if that on the table top. I came across it the other day while sorting out some models for a trade. And as with most things in my collection time has not been kind, it has over time become chipped and the stained glass windows have cracked and buckled. But for a model that is about 6 years old its not doing too bad.

I had to remove the windows with lighter fuel and clean up a few lines around the windows but apart from that all is good to go. I would like to replace the windows, So I shall have a look on the internet and see what I can find

  1. […] year. I know that GW used to sell a kit called the Chapel of Sanctity (you can see pictures over at Grailslair) which had stained glass incorporated into the piece directly.   Realistically, GW’s “grim […]

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