Something Stirs In The Warp

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Chaos

I’ve always liked Chaos in the 40k universe, when I first got into 40k chaos was a miss match of Deamons, Cultists, and Chaos Space Marines all rolled into one little package. But in 1996 codex chaos was released this prompted me to collect a force of space marines from the iron warriors legion. Since then I have moved on to other armies and sadly the iron warriors are long gone, I did dabble with the emperors children some years ago and I also did some Warriors of Chaos last year. But I have never tried to do a Deamon army so after trading some Warriors of Chaos stuff that’s been hanging around for some time, i now have a lord of change,2 blood crushers and 10 pink horrors. I also have some plague bearers and a greater deamon of nugle and some daemonettes left over from my emperors children. I may re-start my emperors children and bring them back to the table top, I enjoyed working on them it allowed me to do some small minor conversions that looked good but did not push them to far. Hopefully I will be able to salvage something from them………………


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