Hmmm I need a games table/board part 2

Posted: January 25, 2012 in terrain

So I took the plunge grabbed the credit card and ordered my Realm of battle board from Maelstrom Games and the expansion from Games Workshop on Sunday 22nd of January.

Maelstrom Games don’t have it in stock but will order it in and dispatch when ready (this is normal for them).

Games Workshop also don’t have it in stock and it is expected to ship within one to two weeks (that’s fine by me its no good on its own).

Then to my surprise on Monday the 23rd I get an email from GW say “my realm of battle expansion has been dispatched”. Not to worry the British postal service is not the best it could still take a week to turn up………….

Yeah right 9:37 am on Tuesday the 24th of January I have a knock on the door. It’s my expansion, I take it in and open it up.

Well I am impressed, Each board measures 610mm x 610mm x 10mm. If I had bought the whole set from GW mail order it would have cost me £211.50 Which would work out at £26.43 per board. But as I have paid £185.15 for my set it has worked out at £23.14 per board.

When you compare the weight of each board to a boxed set such as a le men russ battle tank, the price of each board is clearly in my opinion better value. I can see why many people have voiced their concerns over the RoB, but I think they need to look at it for what it is worth more so then anything else.

Over the years i have spent a fair amount of money on GW products, £100.00 on the imperial city, £100.00 on 10 le men russ battle tanks. the list could go on forever.

So to sum up. From what I have seen from the expansion I would say that the RoB is worth the money, and for all those people out their that have complained about the skulls. They can be removed from it, and as I plan to do replace some of them with water pools.

Now comes the hard part of what colours do i use…………………

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