Hmmm I need a games table/board……

Posted: January 21, 2012 in terrain

I’ve been thinking about a games table/board for some time now. And over the years I have made quite a few, but now I am looking at something that can be stored away easily.

I still have found memories of my 10ft x 4ft epic scale boards that after many years of gaming were sent to the tip.

Or my 6ft x 4ft Mordor/ash wastes boards  that were stored in my old shed/gaming room.

My main problem now is i do not have the space to work on a large board, in the old days I could banish myself away to the shed and work away but now i do not have that option. So I have been researching on the internet about the citadel realm of battle game board, and despite all the negative people out their complaining about the price or the skull pits that are dotted around it. I am going to take the plunge and buy one for myself, at the moment Maelstrom games are selling the board for £139.50 (saving £15.50 of the RRP),  you also get an additional 2% off for spending over £100.00. But at the moment they are holding a January sale which gives you 17% of the RRP which brings the price down £128.65 (saving £26.35) with this saving I shall order up the expansion from Games Workshop mail order.

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