Urban Warfare Part 2

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Cities Of Death

I’m not sure what it is that draws me to the cities of death supplement, but like its predecessor cityfight it gets my mind running with all kinds of differant types of games.

But know i am painting my way through my new ruins its got me thinking about my old ones…………..

Well my old ones were painted in a very short time using spray paints, grey primer, a darker grey, red oxide, and black at the time they looked the nuts but now i’m not sure about them they look dated.

My new ones on the other hand look a lot better at the moment i’ve only used black and a cheap £1.00 grey primer as an undercoat and then drybrushed  over the top.

With the grey primer i have drybrushed codex grey and skull white over the top.

And with the black i have drybrushed charadon granite and graveyard earth over the top.

Both of them look 100% better than my old ones and i can see the time when I re-base them that they receive a new coat of paint to match

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