Urban warfare……..

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Cities Of Death

Many moons ago when GW released their city fight supplement for the 3rd edition of 40k, I got hit by the bug to play some games in a ruined city. I never owned a city in 40k scale but i did own one in “epic” scale. Fast forward to 2006 and urban warfare gets a new lease of life in the for of cities of death or COD for short, at the same time a set of plastic buildings were released these made it a lot easier to build a urban battlefield. At the time a large boxed set was released containing 10 sets of the plastic buildings.

I bought the set and made six ruins from it with loads still left over, over time they have been used many times. But now I am beginning to think about braking them up and remaking them into smaller sections, As at the time I based them on 300mm square boards (at the time I had loads of space).

My currant line of thinking is to base them as i have my “newer” style ones and make sections at the moment they seem to be working all right and take up a lot less space.


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