New year, old project

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Blood angels

Way back in the mists of time, (well early 2010 to be precise). I started collecting a blood angles army, along the way things happened and circumstances changed. The blood angels were boxed up and put into storage along with most of my other stuff. As time past and I reorganized my life I started to work once again on my blood angels.

My plan then and my plan now is still the same build up a force based on the 2nd company lead by Captain Tyhco, at the time of the 2nd battle for Armageddon.

The reason behind this choice was simple, 2nd edition of  40k was where it all started and the booklet that was included in the game  started it all off for me. I have always had a soft spot for the blood angles but never really done a proper army of them until the book came out in 2010.

I am in the process of starting my reboot by making the 20 card ruins from the boxed set out of the cities of death buildings. As for the blood angles I have 20 tactical marines ready for battle and 20 ork boyz and 30 grotz and 1 dreadnought ready to battle it out. That was the contents of the basic boxed set but I will have to do some working out to see what points they come out under the newer codexes.


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